Ontario to Review Greater Toronto Area West Corridor Project
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Summer 2017 Update

In December 2015, the Ministry of Transportation suspended its work on the Environmental Assessment of the Greater Toronto Area West Highway Corridor (GTA West). An advisory panel was appointed to assist the ministry in reviewing the GTA West project. The panel was tasked with providing advice on the need for the GTA West corridor, in light of recent changes in government policy and transportation technology that could impact the demand for travel.

The panel has completed its advice and has submitted a report to the Minister of Transportation. The Minister is reviewing the panel’s advice and is committed to providing an update on the future of the GTA West Corridor shortly.

While the government is developing its response, lands in the GTA West focused analysis area will continue to be protected.


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Stage 2 of the GTA West Transportation Corridor Route Planning and EA Study commenced in February 2014. The work will be closely coordinated with various projects in the area being undertaken by MTO, Metrolinx and others. For details on key study activities, please refer to the schedule below.

The study schedule is currently being revised. An updated schedule will be posted in 2016.

Schedule for Stage 2 of the GTA West Transportation Corridor Planning and Environmental Assessment Study.

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Note: schedule subject to change

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