Ontario has Confirmed the Preferred Route for the GTA West Multimodal Transportation Corridor

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Ontario Making Travel Easier Across York, Peel and Halton Regions - Map showing GTA West Route Planning Study Area

Study Overview

Stage 2 of the GTA West Transportation Corridor Route Planning and Environmental Assessment Study focuses on the recommendation for a new multimodal transportation corridor extending from Highway 400 in the east to the Highway 401/407 ETR interchange area in the west, that includes a 400-series highway, transitway, and potential goods movement priority features.

Latest News

Public Information Centre #2 (PIC #2) was held in September / October 2019 and presented the draft Technically Preferred Route and draft 2019 Focused Analysis Area (FAA) for comment. The Project Team has reviewed your feedback and has worked with stakeholders to confirm the Preferred Route and 2020 Focused Analysis Area for the GTA West multimodal transportation corridor. View the Preferred Route Announcement Bulletin for information on where changes have been made to the route and FAA based on the consideration of feedback from PIC #2, land use and environmental information. You may also view a detailed map of the Preferred Route and Interchange Locations. The Project Team will now develop the multimodal transportation corridor to a preliminary design level of detail.

The 2020 FAA defines which properties continue to be within an area of interest as the study progresses. Properties located within the 2020 FAA could be directly impacted by the GTA West multimodal transportation corridor, ancillary uses, or if refinements are made to the route during the preliminary design stage. View a detailed map of the 2020 FAA.

Project Information

Community Value Plan (CVP)

A Community Value Plan (CVP) is being developed to incorporate public input into the design of the new multimodal transportation corridor. Members of our CVP Team will recommend design elements that reflect the social, cultural, historical, and environmental interests of their communities (covering such things as heritage commemoration, aesthetics, landscaping, trails, connectivity, wildlife crossings, artistic elements at the gateways, etc.). The CVP is focused on how best to implement the proposed new highway and transitway in the most context-sensitive manner, given the identified Preferred Route. It is not about where these facilities should be located or whether they should be built. Members of the public were invited to apply to be a member of the CVP Team at Public Information Centre #2 in 2019 and an open invitation was posted on the project website in Fall 2020. A CVP meeting was held on November 3, 2020, via the Zoom platform. For more information, please visit the Public Information Centres and Community Workshops page.

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