The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is currently undertaking Stage 2 of the GTA West Transportation Corridor Route Planning and Environmental Assessment (EA) Study. Building on the recommendations from Stage 1, the EA Study will identify the route, determine interchange locations and complete the preliminary design for a new transportation corridor. The new multimodal transportation corridor will include: a 400-series highway, transitway and potential goods movement priority features.

Field investigations will begin in March 2020 to inventory the natural, social and cultural environmental and engineering features within the study area. Its important to obtain this information from field investigations to document existing conditions and avoid or minimize negative effects and develop appropriate mitigation measures for any areas containing significant/sensitive features.

Permission To Enter (PTE)

Permission to Enter (PTE) grants the Project Team temporary access to private property at the consent of the property owner(s) in order to conduct field investigations. Information collected will be used to document existing environmental and engineering conditions within the GTA West Study Focused Analysis Area (FAA). This is an important step in the EA process, so that we may identify existing conditions, confirm impacts and develop appropriate mitigation measures.

Property owners within the Draft 2019 FAA were sent a PTE notification package, including a PTE Letter, Agreement and Factsheet. Property owners whom are in receipt of a PTE notification package are encouraged to follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Receiving your Notice of PTE Form

Property owners will be notified by letter and/or email and will receive a “Permission to Enter Form”.

Step 2: Review and Sign your PTE Form

Property owners are requested to review and sign the “Permission to Enter Form”. Please complete the Owner(s) name, address, email and phone number section.

Step 3: Submit your PTE Form to the Project Team

Return a signed copy to the Project Team by March 6, 2020 using the provided self-addressed stamped mailing envelope or by email to

Step 4: Property Access

Property owners will be notified by a member of the Project Team 3-5 business days prior to field staff entering your property.

Property owner cooperation through the signing and returning of PTE forms is greatly appreciated.

Phase 1 PTE Fieldwork & Investigations

Phase 1 PTE investigations will not require any physical disturbance to a property. These investigations will consist of field staff documenting observations, taking photos, and mapping existing conditions.

The Phase 1 PTE program is currently scheduled to begin March 9, 2020 and will continue intermittently until December 31, 2020. The Phase 1 PTE program will include a combination of the following investigations being undertaken on properties by the Project Team field staff:

  • Natural Environment Investigations – natural resource observations, including fisheries, wildlife, wetlands, and vegetation inventories; groundwater and drainage conditions (including water well surveys)
  • Socio-Economic Environment Investigations – land use and agricultural review; contaminant and waste management observations
  • Cultural Environment Investigations – cultural heritage landscapes and built heritage resource assessments
  • Engineering Investigations – engineering surveys to understand existing conditions that may influence design

Phase 2 PTE Fieldwork & Investigations

Phase 2 investigation requirements will be determined once Phase 1 PTE fieldwork is complete. Phase 2 PTE investigations will include non-intrusive and/or physical fieldwork which may require some temporary alteration to your property. Any physical disturbance or alteration to your property will be returned to the property’s original condition at no cost to the property owner, once the investigation is complete.

Phase 2 fieldwork is scheduled to commence on November 2, 2020 and be completed by December 31, 2022.

Property Acquisition Process

The PTE process is not affiliated with the property acquisition process. PTE will be used only to establish environmental conditions and assess the engineering feasibility of the new multimodal transportation corridor within the Draft 2019 FAA. If your property is subject to a PTE requirement, this does not confirm a property acquisition requirement. Property acquisition requirements will be confirmed following EA approval.

Special Considerations

Please do advise if there are any special requirements or precautionary measures that staff should take while visiting your property (i.e. accommodate/do not impede sensitive farm operations, harvesting, seasonal breeding, etc.).

PTE Contact Information

If you would like to speak with someone directly regarding a specific question, concern or clarification related to the PTE process or form, please contact:

Alex Pereira, PTE Coordinator
Phone: 905-829-6254

Alex will provide you with a response within 3-5 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified in advance of field staff entering my property?

Yes. A member of the Project Team will contact you 5 days prior to field staff entering your property to conduct fieldwork.

More than one site visit may be required in 2020, by different specialists or by the same specialists in different seasons. We would like to assure you that visits will generally occur during the day and staff will attempt to notify you at least 5 business days prior to any visits. All efforts will be made to minimize any inconvenience and to accommodate any requests you may have as to scheduling. Field staff will be specialists from WSP and AECOM. All field staff will carry appropriate identification and are fully covered by professional liability insurance. Vehicles owned by field staff will be clearly marked with a sign in the window.

What if I don’t provide Permission to Enter or I am uncomfortable with the process?

We encourage you to contact the PTE Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the Permission to Enter process. We will work with you and try to ensure that you are comfortable with the process. Project field staff will not enter any part of your property unless a Permission to Enter is granted.

Its important to obtain information from field investigations to document existing conditions and avoid or minimize negative effects and develop appropriate mitigation measures for any areas containing significant/sensitive features.

What is the Focused Analysis Area (FAA)?

The Focused Analysis Area (FAA) is a zone surrounding the Preferred Route. Properties located within the FAA could be directly impacted by the GTA West multimodal transportation corridor, ancillary uses, or if refinements are made to the Preferred Route during the preliminary design phase.

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